Reaction Vessels & Wide Neck Flasks

AM Glassware specialise in the manufacture of Reaction vessels & wide neck flasks for use in laboratories or process plants for a vast range of purposes.

Our years of experience have helped us develop, design and build these vessels for many different industries.

There are many different reactor systems available incorporating a virtually limitless amount of components and testing equipment. Various sizes and types of Multi port lids are used to accommodate components like overhead stirrers for mixing.

Filters, sinters or gas sparging tubes can be introduced for the introduction of gases for analysis. Thermocouples and PRT’s for temperature measurement built to work seamlessly alongside various types of instrumentation and software the combinations are endless.

Our custom Reaction vessels come in many different shapes and forms including cylindrical round bottom for use with vacuum or flat bottom for use with magnetic stirrers or hotplates.

Stopcocks or taps can also be added for easy drain off.

Reaction vessels are also available with outer jackets for circulation of temperature controlling fluids or vacuum jackets.

Please visit our Jacketed Reaction Vessels section for further details.

All these reaction vessels can be manufactured to many different sizes and volumes to suit your specific needs. Please contact us with your requirements for further information and pricing.