Custom Made Laboratory Glassware

Looking to have a piece of scientific or laboratory glassware designed and manufactured? Then were her to help from start to finish!

AM Glassware is experts in all aspects of the manufacture of custom-made laboratory glassware in Borosilicate glass & Quartz.

Whether you are a laboratory technician, scientist or personnel with a unique project in mind we are here to help. Our skilled glassblowers will offer advice. on the use of specific materials and specialist techniques to design, develop and ultimately manufacture your custom made glassware.

Perhaps you have an existing piece of glassware which you believe could be better designed for your requirements? Maybe the item you need has been a discontinued by a previous manufacturer? No matter how large or small the item whether it a one-off manufactured for a demonstration, or large batches for processing, either way, we are here to help.

Our highly skilled glassblowers display a full range of techniques developed over decades of manufacturing and designing custom-made laboratory glassware. In turn, ensuring your end product is of the finest possible quality!

 Over the years we have manufactured and developed some groundbreaking and unique scientific glassware. Some examples of this can be found within our Bespoke Scientific Glassware Section. Along with some examples of the glass blowing techniques undertaken during the process of manufacturing custom-made laboratory glassware within the AM Glassware glass blowing workshop.

Looking to have a piece of scientific or laboratory glassware designed and manufactured then view Bespoke Scientific Glassware