Condensers are used in laboratories to cool hot vapours or liquids. Condensers are often used in reflux, where hot solvent vapours of a liquid being heated are cooled and allowed to drip back hence reducing the loss of solvent extending the period of time it can be heated.

There many different variants of condensers ranging from simple air condensers or vigreux column which as the name would suggest simply use air to cool.

A basic condenser consisting of only one tube where the heat of the fluid is conducted to the glass, which is then in turn cooled by air.

Other laboratory condensers use a water cooling jacket to increase efficiency. These range from basic liebig condensers and allihn condensers to complex multi coil or high capacity super condensers.

Water-cooled condensers can be used with other chilled liquids which can be thermostatically cooled allowing the condenser to cool below freezing.

Typically condensers are manufactured with ground glass joints allowing the condenser to be fitted into apparatus quickly and easily.

Water jackets are generally connected via threaded connections allowing quick, simple and safe connection of the hoses using water connectors for circulation of the cooling fluid within the water jacket.

Some common types of condensers are listed below of which many different variants have been designed and manufactured by us to provide optimal performance for your specific application within your laboratory.

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Some common Types of Condensers are listed below many other designs and variations are available.

  • Allihn condenser
  • Air Condenser
  • Leibig Condenser
  • Coil Condenser
  • Dimroth Condenser
  • Multi Coil Condenser
  • Double surface Condenser
  • Friedrichs Condenser