Corrosion Setup With Rotating Coupons

The Corrosion Setup With Rotating Coupons designed for corrosion rate determination within corrosion laboratories.

The setup consists of a Jacketed corrosion vessel enabling temperature control of the contents within the vessel which are introduced within via a multi-port lid which is clamped in place via a ground flange forming an air tight seal.

Introduction of testing equipment is then attached to the lid via tapered sockets and fittings. Typical appartus used in such test methods are gas sparge tubes, condenser to prevent loss of test solution through evaporation and thermocouples.

In this instance the coupons are suspended within the lid  through a stirrer guide via a bespoke PTFE coupon holder. This specifically designed coupon holder holds 6 coupons in total but more importantly allows these coupons to be slowly rotated via an overhead stirrer.