Joints And Connectors

The most common connection type for connecting laboratory glass is the use of conical ground glass joints. This system uses tapered glass cones and sockets which have a precision ground surface for tight seals for the ability to connect and disconnect various types of apparatus.

A very large variety of different joint sizes are available ranging from the small  5/13 to very large 100/60 tapered joints. Custom joints are also available upon request and manufactured by AM Glassware Ltd.

Most common joint sizes available are:

5/13, 7/16, 10/19, 12/21, 14/23, 19/26, 24/29, 29/32, 34/35, 40/38, 45/40, 50/42, 55/44

Larger sizes of 60/46, 71/51, 85/55 & 100/60 may be available upon request.