Composite Coulometric Karl Fischer Set

Together with many of our regular customers and end users we have designed and manufactured an unique complete Coulometric Karl Fischer set of glassware which will be compatible with a variety of Karl Fischer Titrators, Moisture Meter’s and Moisture Analysers.

The Composite Coulometric Karl Fischer Glassware set comprises of a Composite Cathode Solution Cell/Inner BuretteDetector Electrode Titration Vessel With Removable PTFE Lid, Desiccant Tube.

As mentioned previously this unique set of glassware will work seamlessly with many manufacturer’s instruments out there. Generally all that is required is the name of the manufacturer and we can usually configure the electrodes accordingly although in some cases a model number or some form of identification of the instrument may be required.

All electrodes within this Composite Coulometric Karl Fischer Set are available individually and will work seamlessly alongside existing manufacturer’s electrodes and parts at a fraction of the cost saving you money without compromising on results!

Compatible with CA Moisture Meter’s, MKC Moisture Titrators and Aquatest 10 & 2010 models plus many more!