Composite Cathode Solution Cell/Inner Burette

This revolutionary electrode will easily replace your existing electrode across many models of Coulometric Karl Fischer Titrators and Moisture Analysers.

A lower cost option for replacing any Cathode Solution Cell or Inner burette in many Karl Fischer Titrators without compromising on accuracy. Available in both diaphragm and diaphragm free options to best suit your needs.

This electrode will work seamlessly alongside existing manufacturers glassware or can be used with our Detector ElectrodeTitration Vessel With PTFE Lid and many other AM Glassware Coulometric items.

Contact us for further details quoting make and model of Titrator or Moisture Analyser once we have narrowed down the model of your instrument we can supply the electrode with the correct detachable fly lead for use within your system.

Compatible with CA Mositure Meter’s, MKC Moisture Titrators and Aquatest 10 & 2010 models plus many more!

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